Anna Seifert

Anna is a freelance photographer born in Sweden and currently based in Tokyo. Via her Instagram account, Anna is currently discovering, interpreting and sharing the Tokyo art scene. She combines fine art photography with commissioned work.

Her projects are characterized by the exploration of relationships and emotions. This authenticity in combination with an eye for shapes and composition is always present in her work and weaves itself through all of her projects. Her photography inspires the viewer to discover, wonder and unveil the continuing story behind the pictures.

In Tokyo, Anna is also an acting art curator and scout for emerging talents on behalf of Prior to living in Japan Anna established and launched on the Norwegian market in parallel with holding several of her own exhibitions and publishing three photo books.

Selected art is represented by gallery piQmo. Prints can be purchased upon request, all in limited editions.


Wedding photography

As your wedding photographer I will provide you with eternal memories from your very special day. My contribution will be my unique mix of fine arts photography and my years of experience in both classical and creative portraying. You will end up with a carefully selected and edited wedding story that proudly will be part of your future history.

Well prepared, after close discussions with you and thoroughly scouting the location for your wedding, I will see too it that my presence, through all the emotional moments that you will experience, is professional and discrete as well as easy and pleasant. Although this day is all about you, I will also turn my camera towards the honored guests, the blinding environment and the ever so important details that makes this wedding yours.

With love & wishes to hear from you!